Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bringin' the Horror

That's what Bill O'Reilly is promising to do (or listen to the rant) if the world doesn't shape up and stop undermining X-Mas. Excuse me. Christmas.

O'Reilly, part of the oft-oppressed Christian minority of this country, is threatening to "use all the power that I have on radio and television to bring horror into the world of people" who "diminish and denigrate" Christmas. That's an actual quote.
I don't mean to continually play the WWJD card but who in their right mind can possibly believe that the appropriate Christian response to "oppressive, totalitarian, anti-Christian forces", whether real or imagined, is to "bring horror" into those people's lives?

: The Brad Blog also recently reported that O'Reilly used a 2004 clip from The Daily Show as evidence of secular society's 2005 "War on Christmas." You can read all about O'Reilly's latest blatant fabrication at The Brad Blog.

I'm left to wonder whether O'Reilly is going the way of the 2004 version of Maureen Dowd. She became progressively more hysterical leading up to the November election and then suddenly disappeared and emerged nearly a year later with a new book. The thought of O'Reilly disappearing for a year is a heartening one. Not so much the thought of him authoring another book...


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