Saturday, December 17, 2005

Exclusive: More Payola!

Update: After nearly twenty-four hours of exhaustive investigative reporting, Farr Ago News has learned that, shockingly, there are still more examples of payola than previously reported in this space. It's not exactly new news, but it's so brazen that it's worth re-reporting on. And yes, by exclusive I meant "exclusive to this blog." Everybody else in the press is lying, why can't I? Let's just move on.

In October, in the face of mounting financial concerns, the Newark Weekly News found a new, and profitable, partner: The Newark City Council. For more on the $100,000 deal between the city and the paper, which will obligate the Weekly News to publish articles focusing on all that is good and wholesome and un-Newark-like about Newark, you can click here. And, if all the good news out of Newark is causing you to rethink your plans for your (please don't yell at me Mr. O'Reilly) holiday vacation, might I suggest the Newark Tourism Bureau?


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