Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bush Proposes Broader Language Training

Educational programs to teach language in public schools are going to get more funding. Why? Because it's a national security concern.

I should've guessed.
Whatever. More money ($114 million) for language instruction is a good thing, regardless of the motivation behind it. Here's how Bush voiced his support for the new initiative:
"You know, when somebody comes to me and speaks Texan, I know they appreciate the Texas culture. When somebody takes time to figure out how to speak Arabic, it means they're interested in somebody else's culture."

It's not clear whether "Texan" is going to be one of the languages receiving increased funding. Frankly, that might not be a bad use of resources: it might help decipher exactly what Bush is saying some of the time. To wit:
"Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican." — George W. Bush refusing to answer reporters' questions at the Summit of the Americas, Quebec City, Canada, April 21, 2001

If Bush has mastered Texan and dabbled in Mexican, is he going to take in interest in yet another culture through the study and practice of language?

Anyone know how to say "not bloody likely" in Arabic?


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