Saturday, February 25, 2006

Evolution and UFOs: together at last

Evolution: contravener of biblical literalism, destroyer of fragile faiths...perpetuator of UFO conspiracy theories? Normally I wouldn't post something this ridiculous (I'm not trying to cultivate a Daily News sort of readership here) but this was actually too amusing to pass up:
The UFO conspiracy, Riddle argues in a stern, drill-sergeant delivery, is meant to scare society. “But the scariest [thing] of all—banned by courts, schools and politicians—is the Bible . . . Evolution is the foundation for this whole train of thinking

“The more we learn about science, the more we point to a greater God,” Riddle adds. “Every experiment is a poison to life.”

More debunking. His PowerPoint presentation (every speaker will have his own PowerPoint presentation this weekend) flashes pictures of Roswell, flying saucers, aliens playing basketball and soccer, an artist’s rendition of the psychedelic passage that opens the Book of Ezekiel, where the prophet described seeing “wheels” manned by “four living creatures” with “the likeness of a man.”

UFOs don’t exist, Riddle concludes. Besides, “Why do they always have a New Age message, much like evolution?” And even if aliens did exist, “they’re under the Curse.”

So what causes the popularity of UFO sightings? Evolution.

“That is a fact,” he spits out. “That is an absolute truth. For we have a great Deceiver amongst us,” so deceitful that 10,000 pastors recently lent their name to a letter saying evolution and faith can co-exist.
Personally, I think Riddle might just be a creative genius. I'm not sure I could have conceived of linking Evolution and UFOs together in my wildest dreams. But, then again, I also think Riddle is on to something. After all, if god didn't create those wacky green space aliens, then Darwin certainly must have.

Before I start sounding altogether too much like I belonged in attendance at this meeting I'd like to close with a final request for empirical observation: can somebody collect data on selected religious and scientific beliefs of avowed UFO spotters? I'm terribly interested to know what percentage of people claiming to have been abducted and probed also self-identify as evangelicals and ID supporters. Just curious...


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