Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Intelligent Design to Quantum Mysticism (or Bad Biology to Bad Physics)

"Reality is just a mental construct that we can rearrange and improve, if we are enlightened or determined enough."

That, as Dennis Overbye reports in today's New York Times, is the conclusion presented by two recent films: "What the #$!%* Do We Know!?" and "What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole". These cinematic purveyors of what is known as "quantum mysticism" are, it turns out, physics's answer to the bad biology of intelligent design.
Like intelligent design, the quantum mysticism notion that, at some level, our minds control the reality around us is premised on faith and scientific theories that are decades out of date. And both movements have acquired followers for the same basic reason: "We want to know that God loves us, that we are the pinnacle of evolution."

To an outside observer the parallels between quantum mysticism and intelligent design are readily apparent. But this discussion begs a further question: just what does the intelligent design community think of quantum mysticism?

If individual minds control the reality that surround them, does that mean that an intelligent designer created human beings who are, in their own fashion, intelligent designers themselves? Talk about constructing in one's own image. And if the original intelligent designer was, as many intelligent design proponents not-so-secretly speculate, the big G-O-D himself, does that mean that all of us, in the process of manipulating the reality around us, are guilty of "playing god"? Time to focus our mental energy and magic up some bigger britches.

Seriously, somebody needs to answer these questions for me.


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