Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Right Not to Believe (Part II)

Apparently I was wrong. Mere days after lamenting the decreasing viability of atheism in the current American political climate I find out that, actually, atheists are taking over politics and have religion on the run. Especially the Christians.

My bad.

According to Mr. Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, we are now witnessing an increasingly "militant attempt to surgically remove religion from the public square and turn us into an atheistic society." And those atheists, not content with having excised God from biology and the evolution of life (the Thomas More Center made a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to save him by defending the Dover, PA school board in the Kitzmiller intelligent design case), are going after Christians, God's helpless and pious adherents, as well. As Thompson points out, "It’s almost like a genocide. It’s a sophisticated genocide."

With Christianity under siege, confronted at every turn by godless (and soulless and just generally ugly-looking and smelly) atheists, now's probably a good time to turn to one of the great defenders of the Christian faith, Jon Stewart, for some words of hope:
Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion.... perhaps around their necks? And maybe - dare I dream it? - maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.

Until that day comes, thank God there are men like Richard Thompson with the courage to speak out against these atheist atrocities.

Ahem. Amen.


Blogger UberKuh said...

To "surgically remove religion" would be a fine thing. :) Is this surgery to replace irrational fear with rational hope?

Wed Mar 15, 05:21:00 PM EST  
Blogger Tim Kanwar said...

I believe so, yes. The technical, medical name for the surgery is "education."

Despite persistent pleas, particularly in Kansas, to make this treatment optional, atheists continue to force it upon Christians nationwide who would prefer to be left to ignorantly minding other people's business.

Quite a tragedy really.

Wed Mar 15, 05:37:00 PM EST  
Anonymous mitch said...

almost missed the irony!

Wed Mar 15, 06:42:00 PM EST  
Blogger Anthony said...

I missed the irony on my blog initially too...

As the wise Tammy Faye Baker once said, "You can educate yourself out of believing in Jesus."

Wed Mar 15, 09:06:00 PM EST  
Blogger Tim Kanwar said...

The real irony is that such a ludicrous argument is capable of being interpreted, at first blush, as a serious one...

Wed Mar 15, 09:58:00 PM EST  
Blogger Bjornchik said...

Count me as one of those who also missed the irony, lesson, as always, I'm an idiot. Anyway, I still stand by my comments over on our blog about how ridiculous the use of the term "genocide" is in this manner.

Anywho, my bad, I'll try and refrain from such harsh language next time and check out the blog link before going on a rant. Also, I deleted my comment in embarassment.

Mon Mar 20, 06:15:00 PM EST  
Blogger Tim Kanwar said...

No need to apologize. You certainly weren't alone in missing the irony the first time around and, in so doing, you helped illuminate just how bad things have become that something that seems (at least to me) to be so patently ridiculous can pass itself off as an argument seriously advanced.

Wed Mar 22, 10:25:00 PM EST  

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