Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dracula, and a Lesson in Stem Cell Ethics

Here's one man's take (Or is it two men? Or is that the entire point? Let's just move on) on the ethics of cloning.

Excellent debate. And I must add that, as a long-time supporter of stem cell research, I was surprised to find myself questioning that stance. I can only attribute this newfound hesitancy to the compelling, and novel, argument put forth by Mr. Colbert (the blue one):

Red Stephen: "But so many people are for stem cell research, even those you think would be against it. Nancy Reagon, Senator Bill Frist, scientists all over the world. We should do it."
Blue Stephen: "Great idea. We'll destroy all the embryos. Life for a life, some must die so that others may life. Know who else feels that way? Dracula."

If only this didn't sound so much like the real stem cell debate. Then it would be funny funny, not sadly ironic funny. Sigh.


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